Hi there, my name is Annaliis and I am a Brisbane-based artist and teacher. This website is a collection of my creations, thoughts, and the hope I have in Jesus. You can read about the reason for this website in my first blog, “Halted and Altered”. It is born out of a frustratingly lengthy period of procrastination that required a dramatic and life-changing event to throw my course off track and kick my butt into gear to actually get creating.

I work with a wide range of media but am specialised in acrylics and printmaking. I am always open to new ideas, whether realistic or abstract, and take commission work. You will find my artwork under the “My Art” tab.

On this site you will also find my blog. This is mostly just ramblings about life in general and how I have experienced it, as well as little explorations into God’s Word and my own experience and interpretation of passages.

Feel free to look around my website and contact me if you see something you would like to purchase or would like a commissioned piece.

Happy browsing!

Love Annaliis.